Cutty Sark nears completion, how did we fit in?


Simon Beames was involved in the design of the original concept for the Cutty Sark project whilst employed by Grimshaw.

Youmeheshe, as subconsultant to Grimshaw, developed this design, and authored Stage D and E Design Reports on the project,helped secure Heritage Lottery Funding through the stage 2 application,developed information for tender, nurtured / navigated the design through uncharted waters and saw construction commence prior to the fire in 2007. Since the fire Youmeheshe adapted the scheme to accommodate requirements brought about by the damage including a new access strategy.

Youmeheshe completed their work on the project in March 2009.

In addition to the role of Architect (while subcontracted to Grimshaw (lead designer), Youmeheshe independently won the role of interpretation designer through the OJEU process. Part of this commission was the design and delivery of the award winning Cutty Sark Pavilion.

Lord Sterling made his support and adoption of the project conditional on radical changes to this the brief. These changes were so extensive that, apart from the lifting of the ship (and even on that he demanded changes), the scheme design had to be started from scratch.

Grimshaw were commissioned to redesign the project, without the involvement of Youmeheshe and have assisted the Cutty Sark Trust in the delivery of the project. The look of the delivered scheme is the Responsibility of Grimshaw.


Grimshaw is the architect for the delivered Cutty Sark project.

Simon Beames (of Youmeheshe) was involved in the concept development for the Cutty Sark project whilst working for Grimshaw.

Youmeheshe carried out design development work for the Cutty Sark project on behalf of Grimshaw between October 2005 and March 2009


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