YOUMEHESHE concept for the Cutty Sark in association with Grimshaw

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At a meeting between Simon Beames, Richard Doughty, Christopher Nash and Ian Bell it was agreed to be a good idea to lift the Cutty Sark by sufficient height to acheive useful space beneath. This enabled the Trust to find space for functions and exhibitions, otherwise unavailable to them. The dry berth was the only land within the Trust’s control, and was an open pit often full of debris. It had been unsafe for visitors to use this space for some time and the ship propping was vulnerable.

Ian Bell suggested glass columns, Simon Beames suggested no columns….

Albert Taylor of AKT engineered a solution to the holding of the ship, a belt and braces kevlar strap system which would also re stabilise the ships own sagging structure to boot.

This idea became the notional way forward and when presented to Heritage Lottery commissions on board Cutty Sark was warmly received.

This sketch by Simon was used to communicate the proposal in the temporary museum created by YOUMEHESHE

Later, after an OJEU process the concept was retained, the engineers changed and the Kevlar swapped for Steel.

cluster of spa rooms, the very south of France

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our Norweigen passive house community plan

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our proposed passive house community for Dulwich

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a sketch for south eco offices

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Cutty Sark Geometry

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original setting out for the proposed canopy which used the material properties of glass to its full potential, mechanically curved in areas. According to the specialist supplier of this system, it is possible to cold bend a glass panel of this scale up to 150mm from its flat datum across the diagonal.

Cutty Sark

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another couple of early sections exploring the relationship of the lofted ship to the visitor experience and the dry berth.

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